Colorado’s Accountability in Colorado Elections (ACE) map wins plaudits ahead of award decision


Colorado’s ACE program are winning plaudits from media as well as experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Minnesota ahead of the National Association of Secretaries of State’s Innovation, Dedication, Excellence and Achievement in Service awards which will be announced in July.

This could be the third win a row for the state which has developed a first-of-its-kind electronic warehouse of elections-related information. Colorado used InstantAtlas to develop an interactive website which uses InstantAtlas to display quantitative and qualitative election data, making it freely available to the public. As well as voting behaviour of its 3.5 million active and inactive registered voters, interactive maps charts and tables include information on voting method, compliance with legal requirements, vote credit based on registered party affiliations, election costs and two types of voter registration statistics.

“I am so proud of our office, which continues to lead the nation on so many fronts, from online business registrations to election awards,” Secretary of State Wayne Williams said. “We really are an innovative state agency.”

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How mapping software was used to present up-to-the-minute results of the 2015 Catalan elections


The 2015 Catalan elections were seen by politicians as a tipping point in the future of Catalonia with 76 per cent of Catalonia’s 5.5 million voters going to the polls which was a record–breaking turnout.

After the votes were counted 62 seats in the Catalan parliament were won by Junts pel Si the main pro-independence party. Together with 10 seats won by a smaller nationalist party won pro-independence parties are now the biggest political force. The separatists say the victory means they have the backing of the people to form an independent Catalan state.

The election results were collected and presented as a dashboard by Esri Spain using InstantAtlas Dashboard Builder. Huffington Post ran an article highlighting the election map which were used to build a detailed picture of the results as they came in.

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Innovative election report uses virtual council chamber to show election results

South Kesteven Election Dashboard

South Kesteven District has developed an innovative election report with the help of InstantAtlas Professional Services which presents a virtual council chamber. The report includes an animation feature which allows users to view the council chamber and each elected seat, looping through the different seats automatically. The view frequency can be changed using a slider next to it. The results were shown on a large screen on election night to show how many seats each party had won. As well as the overall results, the report also includes details for each ward such as percentage turnout and total votes for each candidate.

You can find the report here:

Colorado Department of State takes accountability to the next level with an innovative election reporting initiative

Colorado ACE Election Dashboards

Colorado Department of State takes accountability to the next level with an innovative election reporting initiative. Accountability in Colorado Elections (ACE), uses interactive mapping software to produce a series of interactive maps, charts, and tables of Colorado election data by county helping the people of Colorado gain an insight into how their government conducts elections.

Turning a vision into reality

Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler has been the driving force behind a website designed to help the people of Colorado get a better understanding of how their elections are run. Gessler challenged his  team to take publicly available data and put it into a digestible format for everyone to see. The data includes information about the statewide election that takes place each November as well as Primary elections that occur in June in even years. The data is presented in five major topic areas:  types of ballots issued and receipt statistics; county compliance with legal requirements and participation in recommended activities; gross and net elections costs provided by counties; voter registration statistics; and recently added voter turnout by party affiliation.

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How interactive mapping was used to help the Cayman Islands Elections Office display the 2013 election results in real time

Cayman Islands Election Results 2013

InstantAtlas in action

The May 2013 Cayman Islands Elections were the third elections since the introduction of the system of political parties in the Cayman Islands. Three political parties fielded 32 candidates and a further 24 ran as independents. The Elections Office is responsible for organising the elections and decided to use InstantAtlas mapping software to present the results of the elections as they were being announced. Lee Madison, Deputy Director of Operations (Acting), Manager of IT & Communications, was brought in to work with the Elections Office and explains how the project got off the ground.

What is your project?

The project I was given was to show what was happening in the elections. I’ve been involved in the elections since 1996 and have a background in IT. Previously we produced PDFs which were made available on the website to publish the results in each electoral district. However, we felt there was a better way to do this.

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Presidential Election Results Surveillance in the Democratic Republic of Congo | #DRC2011

The ISBPD Reveals its Monitoring System and Parallel Tabulation of the Presidential Election Results in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The International Studies Bureau for Peace and Development (ISBPD) unveiled today the monitoring and parallel tabulation system of election results that it intends to use for the presidential election in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) scheduled for November 28, 2011. This system allows for the publication of the election results in interactive, neutral and transparent ways, while allowing users to analyse the published results.

“For the first time, this user-friendly system will be used for elections results in the DRC. In addition, as several presidential and parliamentary elections are planned in Africa over the 2011-2012 period, the experience from DRC will benefit many other countries in the use of this interactive tool, “said the ISBPD Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Alidor K. Dumbi.

Click this image to track surveillance results hour by hour

InstantAtlas helps city councils present local election data

As results from the May local elections in England are counted an analysed many councils have turned to InstantAtlas to help them explain the changes that have taken place. Presenting election data (showing which seats have been won and lost) in a visual format that is easy to understand is an important task for councils in their efforts to support local democracy.

One example is Nottinghamshire City Council which has already created reports based on election data.

election mapping and reporting

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