Profiling tourism employment in England and Wales


In 2015 ONS released an interactive Atlas of Tourism for England and Wales created using InstantAtlas. This was followed by a statistical bulletin that classified the areas in the atlas to show the importance of tourism.

The template that ONS chose for the Atlas of Tourism is the Double Map Time Series, which allows the user to compare the data distribution for two variables using a map and bar chart. In order to demonstrate the versatility of InstantAtlas I have created an alternative representation of the same data using our Area Profile template. It opens showing the spatial classification developed by ONS, with clusters 4 an 5 representing what they term ‘holiday hotspots’. The report allows the user to select specific authorities in the map in order to profile them using the ‘spine chart’ graphic on the right – and to click on the indicators in the spine chart to update the map. For benchmarking purposes, the median authority has been included in the spine chart. This report is more geared towards a user that is interested in a particular authority and its tourism profile.

Click on the screenshot below to access the Tourism Area Profile report.

Pierre Jenkins, Head of InstantAtlas Support


The data in this report were downloaded here and are licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

Colorado Department of State takes accountability to the next level with an innovative election reporting initiative

Colorado ACE Election Dashboards

Colorado Department of State takes accountability to the next level with an innovative election reporting initiative. Accountability in Colorado Elections (ACE), uses interactive mapping software to produce a series of interactive maps, charts, and tables of Colorado election data by county helping the people of Colorado gain an insight into how their government conducts elections.

Turning a vision into reality

Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler has been the driving force behind a website designed to help the people of Colorado get a better understanding of how their elections are run. Gessler challenged his  team to take publicly available data and put it into a digestible format for everyone to see. The data includes information about the statewide election that takes place each November as well as Primary elections that occur in June in even years. The data is presented in five major topic areas:  types of ballots issued and receipt statistics; county compliance with legal requirements and participation in recommended activities; gross and net elections costs provided by counties; voter registration statistics; and recently added voter turnout by party affiliation.

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CACI UK | Giving large retailers detailed insight to help them find the right location and promote their stores effectively

CACI UK and InstantAtlas Marketing data visualisation solutions


CACI offers a range of marketing solutions and information systems to local and central government and to businesses from most industry sectors. Its location planning experts provide advice in a number of areas from retail development opportunities, shopping centre asset management and town centre regeneration to catchment areas and consumer segmentation.

Steve Halsall is a consulting partner at CACI and heads up the Property Consulting Group (PCG). He has been with CACI for two years and was brought in to help evolve its well-established offer in this area. His team works across the public sector and commercial sector (including shopping centre owners, investors, developers and agents) providing advice on retail or leisure-led developments.

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Locus Insight – ‘Helping individuals and organisations gain insight from public sector data using interactive online reports’


Locus Insight was set up by Tom Hobson to provide a comprehensive range of services related to spatial data management and visualisation in the social, economic and environmental fields. Locus Insight helps clients by bringing clarity to their presentation of spatial information. Its work with InstantAtlas is an extension of its geographic information service. Locus Insight also seeks to help individuals and organisations gain insight from public sector data. “It’s about the means by which public sector information is made available – it really isn’t accessible unless you are familiar with ways to access it,” says Tom.

Getting started

Tom says he has been using geographical information systems (GIS) for many years but two years ago realised there were limitations when it came to delivering interactive solutions for clients who were not familiar with GIS. He looked at a number of options but decided InstantAtlas could work well for the Locus Insight client base. “Traditional GIS solutions were static in comparison and I think that certainly as far as standard PDFs go they have had their day when it comes to reporting data,” he says.

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Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, UK (CIPFA) | Case Study

The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA), is the professional body for people in public finance. It has 14,000 members working throughout public services, national audit agencies, major accountancy firms and other bodies where public money needs to be effectively and efficiently managed.

Chris Greene is Head of Information Services at CIPFA. Part of his team’s responsibility is the collection of local government data across a multitude of services, including financial, staffing, activity and performance information from all UK local authorities. This data is analysed to help local authorities better manage their resources.

The traditional approach has been to present the information in hard copy publications, which later evolved to include spreadsheets. However, Chris and his team were looking for something more “cutting edge” that would allow them to present data in a useful format.

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Consumer Credit Counselling Service


The Foundation for Credit Counselling, based in Leeds, is a registered charity which was set up to assist people in financial difficulty by providing free, impartial and realistic debt advice. The Foundation for Credit Counselling is the umbrella charity for Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) in theUnited Kingdom. Through its free national telephone service, ten regional centres and online CCCS Debt Remedy, CCCS is able to help people with debt problems wherever they live. CCCS is continually looking for new ways to raise awareness of its services and its data is an important resource for its promotions.


Getting started

CCCS felt that data such as the number of people seeking its help would be a good way to highlight the pattern of debt in the UK, which would be of interest to the media and politicians. Presenting the data in an easy-to-understand format would be helpful for the media and the public.

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