How web mapping software is helping Nestlé employees to understand global nutrition with the help of an easy-to-use Nutrition and Health Atlas


The Nestlé Research Center is at the heart of fundamental scientific research and innovation within Nestlé. Its role is to drive science and technology, from basic nutrition and health research, to applied research for product development and application. The NRC supports all of Nestlé’s product categories with scientific and technological expertise. We spoke to Dantong Wang in Public Health Nutrition at the Research Center about its new Nutrition and Health Atlas.

How did you find out about InstantAtlas?

I was introduced to the InstantAtlas web mapping application by a colleague who had used it before. We tried it out and realised that InstantAtlas Server could help us present large amounts of data that we had compiled for our project. However, we also needed support with the branding and customized design work which we discovered InstantAtlas Professional Services could also help with.

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