Applying InstantAtlas dynamic reports to help decision makers improve preventive care for the elderly population


The Kaigo-yobou WebAtlas is a decision support system for policy making in cities/towns which was created using InstantAtlas dynamic reports. This Kaigo-yobou WebAtlas is put together by Japan Gerontological Evaluation Study (JAGES) and is mainly used by city/town agencies who work in the field of the preventive care for the elderly population.

By presenting data (such as risks of long-term care needs for the elderly population at neighborhood-level) using a web mapping application the *Kaigo-yobou WebAtlas can support town/city agency staff to promote an effective preventive care policy.

As InstantAtlas dynamic reports are ready-to-use web page, JAGES research group is able to present survey results on the collected data from local agencies online in addition to conventional paper-based reports. The interactive elements such as a map and graphs help users to visualize the data and have made intuitive comparison and analysis of inter-regional differences much easier.

Find out more:

Domestic use case “Urban HEART for Japanese Older People” (In Japanese)

Japan Gerontological Evaluation Study (JAGES)’s HP:!about/c1ger (in Japanese only)

Also their work has also been introduced at Center of Health Development of WHO: (available in English).

Case study – How the Doctoral Institute for Evidence Based Policy in Japan is meeting customer needs through customised data visualization

*kaigo-yobou means: preventive care for the elderly people
Author - Naomi Kawakami, GIS analyst from Doctoral Institute for Evidence Based Policy (Official Partner for InstantAtlas in Japan)

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