Health planning in Sudbury and District, Ontario and how mapping software is helping planners answer questions about local communities


InstantAtlas in action

The public health system in Ontario, Canada is made up of 36 non-profit public health agencies, together with the Public Health Branch of Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, public health laboratories, primary health care providers and Public Health Ontario . The Sudbury & District Health Unit (SDHU) is one of these public health agencies and Marc Lefebvre Manager, Population Health Assessment and Surveillance explains how it has been using InstantAtlas to help planners understand local health needs.

What is your project?

As a health unit we often get requests for information about the demographics of the local population. We realised that we could provide some basic demographic information in an online tool using the Canadian census data. The idea was to give health planners the chance to find the information themselves and then ask more detailed questions about how one area might compare with another, for example. Planners can use census information on population counts, rates of growth and density to create a broad profile of their communities.

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