UK Office for National Statistics launches latest region and country profiles

Office for National Statistics UK Key Indicator Report for Regions and Countries

The UK ONS (Office for National Statistics) has released the latest annual release of Key Statistics, part of its suite of products on regional trends and snapshots. These reports have been paper publications since 1965 but are now produced online with data updated every two to three months.

Key Statistics provides demographic, social, environmental and economic statistics at regional level for England and the devolved administrations to allow for comparison between the countries, regions and local authority areas. The data are used by central and local government to help with planning decisions, by academics who quote regional level figures as well as students, businesses, the voluntary sector, the media and the general public.

Chuka Ilocha who works in the Local Economic and Social Analysis team within the Crime, Regional and Data Access Division says: “The reports complement the other statistics we provide at local authority level and although we haven’t publicised the release, our web metrics show that over 2,000 people have downloaded the data since it was released three weeks ago.”

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