How interactive mapping was used to help the Cayman Islands Elections Office display the 2013 election results in real time

Cayman Islands Election Results 2013

InstantAtlas in action

The May 2013 Cayman Islands Elections were the third elections since the introduction of the system of political parties in the Cayman Islands. Three political parties fielded 32 candidates and a further 24 ran as independents. The Elections Office is responsible for organising the elections and decided to use InstantAtlas mapping software to present the results of the elections as they were being announced. Lee Madison, Deputy Director of Operations (Acting), Manager of IT & Communications, was brought in to work with the Elections Office and explains how the project got off the ground.

What is your project?

The project I was given was to show what was happening in the elections. I’ve been involved in the elections since 1996 and have a background in IT. Previously we produced PDFs which were made available on the website to publish the results in each electoral district. However, we felt there was a better way to do this.

Read the full article here

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