School Health Profiles live on Nottingham Insight

School nurses are specialist public health nurses, who support the development of children and young people aged five to 19 ensuring they have the best possible health and education outcomes. They deliver effective, evidence-based public health interventions with additional care and support for those who need it.

As part of the review of the school nursing service, Nottingham City Public Health developed school health profiles for the groups of schools covered by the school nurses. There are a total of 15 school nursing groups within Nottingham City. These profiles include up-to-date information about children and young people covering a wide range of key indicators (e.g. demographics, wider determinants of health, health improvement). Using the profiles, you can see at a glance how your school group performs against a wide range of indicators. You can also compare the data with other school groups in Nottingham City via the spine charts.

These PDF profiles are now live on the Nottingham Insight website. Accompanying the PDFs is a dedicated webpage which features an interactive e-Atlas offering which is yet another way to view the data.

For further information along with links to the e-Atlas and the downloadable PDFs please visit:

This posting was written by Wendy Conibear, Information Analyst in the GIS, Data & Information Team (Development Department) at Nottingham City Council

Nottingham Insight

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