Helping local health authorities in Argentina understand disease prevalence using interactive mapping software


One of the objectives of the Argentine Ministry of Health is to assist with the overall planning and coordination of health services through the individual health authorities in each region of the country. This means providing an insight into health needs within different geographical areas.

Getting started

Rodrigo del Monaco works in the National Health Surveillance department. It has developed an online tool called the National Surveillance Software (SNVS) which is used by health authorities and researchers to understand health needs. Rodrigo says the department wanted to present the data in a more interactive way using mapping software. InstantAtlas was seen as a good fit with the existing online tool.

“A colleague in the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) was using it to present data on flu-outbreaks and showed it to the former head of the Surveillance Department. He thought that it would be possible and useful to implement it in Argentina,” he says.

Read the full article

Option – Listen to Rodrigo’s interview (Spanish only)

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