Using JavaScript in InstantAtlas Server Profiles

One of the hot topics at the InstantAtlas Data Workshops earlier this year explained how to use JavaScript in Text Widgets for conditional formatting in the InstantAtlas Server (IAS) Profiles module. Since then the support team has received a number of requests for further information on this topic.

Substitution strings in Text Widgets enable you to create intelligent sentences that add real value to the narrative that you can put around the other Widgets in your Profile.  These have been available in IAS for a long time and we are aware that a number of customers have made good use of them.  However one of the limitations of the substitution strings is that they’re not able to do conditional statements.  For example if an Indicator value has changed between two dates it is not possible to get the Widget to enter the word ‘increased’ or ‘decreased’; instead you have to word your sentence to say that the value has ‘changed’ between the two dates.

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