Staffordshire Observatory and the NeSS data tool



Over the last few years, there has been a significant growth in the number of Local
Information Systems and many are now incorporating data from Neighbourhood Statistics (NeSS) alongside other data. Staffordshire Observatory launched in October 2010 and following high demand on the website users started to want access to more data which was continually updated on the website. The team started to look at the best way to incorporate NeSS data and this coincided with the launch of a new data transfer wizard from InstantAtlas that links with the NeSS database allowing users to extract the data they require.

Getting started

We spoke to Duncan Smith, Senior Research and Information Officer at Staffordshire Observatory who explains that following the launch with some key data sets, the team quickly realised there was significant demand for more data. “It was clear people accessing the website were eager for more regularly updated data,” he says. “This presented us with a dilemma because we wanted to add data such as NeSS but didn’t really have the resources within the team to upload data more frequently.”

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TalkLIS from Geowise

Watch the latest TalkLIS interview with Stephen Croney, Information Manager, Improvement and Performance Service in Policy – Partnerships and Communications at the London Borough of Newham.

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