‘Blood donations and the German Red Cross – how data visualization software is helping to improve donation rates’


Geconomy is a company that provides its clients with geo marketing, economic geographical analysis, multivariate statistical modelling and geostatistical research using leading GIS solutions and the latest scientific methods.

One of the organisations it has been working with is the German Red Cross. This is a national body with a federative structure of 19 regional branches and over 420 district branches. The Red Cross is involved in a number of activities which include the collection of donated blood throughout Germany. The Red Cross collects around 80 per cent of blood donations in the country.

Dr Thomas Fels, manager at Geconomy, spoke to us about the project and how it is likely to become a useful tool for increasing donations. He says the Red Cross has been looking for a way of identifying those areas where blood donation rates are lower than might be expected so that it can target its efforts to increase donations. Hospitals and healthcare providers are concerned about falling donation rates which is why this is such an important initiative.

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