UK InstantAtlas User Conferences – Review

This year’s InstantAtlas User Conferences were held in Rochdale at the Town Hall and in London at the London Council Buildings. Both offered attendees a mix of presentation and open discussion as well as the opportunity to learn more about examples of leading applications of InstantAtlas (IA) products from established users.

IAUC Rochdale review by John Patterson, Research & Intelligence Officer, Blackpool Council

Extracts taken from John’s review, the full post is available here

If you haven’t come across InstantAtlas(IA) before it’s currently one of two things:

  • If you are like me and you have a very small budget for research software then it’s a desktop GIS tool which creates various interactive atlases (like this one).
  • If you have a much larger budget, then it leans more toward a data storing, profile generating, atlas creating server software (like this one).

IAUC London review by Julian Tyndale-Biscoe

The London conference kicked off with a welcome and introduction from Stephen Croney Corporate GIS & Information ManagerLondon Borough of Newham and Geowise Managing Director, Mike Forster. With the London event hot on the heels of the northern conference Mike said both events were designed to help users understand how data visualisation is helping IA customers meet their goals. He said they were a great opportunity to hear about what developments were being planned for the suite of InstantAtlas products.

Read the full review here 

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