News – Google Maps Flash API

Since version 6.4 of InstantAtlas desktop, customers have been able to include Google maps as a background layer in their dynamic reports.  This has been a popular choice for many customers.  Unfortunately Google decided to deprecate the Google maps flash API in September 2011. The reason they gave was it wasn’t as popular as some of their other APIs.  This wasn’t necessarily a problem for us as the existing functionality worked well and Google will usually keep a deprecated service going for around three years.  However, in February 2012 Google stopped issuing new API keys.

So what does this mean:

–          Those who are already using Google maps in their flash dynamic reports can continue to do so. Their existing API key will still work.

–          Those who do not have an API key will not be able to use Google maps as a background layer in their flash dynamic reports and will have to use another source of background mapping.

–          Those who have a report on a particular website but want to move it to a new domain may be able to get a new API key by following the procedure outlined in this post.

–          Users of our new HTML 5 single map template (due out in April 2012) will have the option to use Google maps as a background layer as this uses a different API.

We are investigating using one of the other Google Maps APIs and hopefully we can re-introduce it to the flash templates at a later version.  In the meantime there are a number of other good sources of background mapping including ESRI ArcGIS Online services and WMS services including our own Ordnance Survey Open Data WMS. Please contact our support team if you need help with background mapping.

David Carey (on behalf of Jon Peltenburg, Technical Director – InstantAtlas)

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