Helping local governments in Victoria identify priority areas for health intervention using online data visualisation

Victorian Government Department of Public Health


The Department of Health’s core objective is to achieve the best health and wellbeing for everyone living in Victoria and its role covers planning, policy development, funding and regulation of health service providers. 

The Health Intelligence Unit (HIU) provides high quality information on the health, and determinants of health of the Victorian population to improve health policy development and service planning. Decisions that affect health include the public making healthy choices, professionals exercising judgment, managers improving processes and politicians allocating resources. The Department of Health believes better information leads to better decisions, which in turn, contribute to better health and well-being for Victorians. The major business process of the HIU comprises the following: health surveillance data sourcing and collection; transformation of data into usable information and the dissemination of health intelligence to support planning and decision making.

Read the full article on the InstantAtlas partner site – ‘Success with Software’ >>

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