Perth and Kinross Council – Monitoring performance against environmental standards using data visualisation


Perth & Kinross Council delivers or facilitates a wide range of services including education, land use planning, roads, housing, care for vulnerable people, parks, street cleansing, economic development and refuse collection.

The Council produces an annual report to provide an assessment of the current environmental state and help it monitor trends. The report also provides a strong evidence base to evaluate the effectiveness of the Council’s efforts to deal with environmental pressures in land use and sustainability terms. The first State of the Environment Report was published in September 2007. The indicators are updated as and when data becomes available and a number of them are used in the Perth & Kinross Single Outcome Agreement. The Council views the report as an essential tool in meeting its sustainability goals, improving the environment and providing the public with access to information.

The State of the Environment indicators are organised into nine key areas which include climate change, air quality, landscape and geology, biodiversity, historic environment, transportation, waste, communities and energy.

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