How the London Borough of Newham is supporting evidence-based policy-making and decision-making through data presentation


Newham Info is the name given to the London Borough of Newham’s information and intelligence hub. The idea started out as a data and statistics hub with an associated website which came online in late 2003. However, the vision was to develop an observatory and create a resource where users could find data from a wide range of sources and covering a wealth of issues to support evidence-based policy-making across the public sector in the borough. 


Getting started

Stephen Croney is Information Manager, Improvement and Performance Service in Policy, Partnerships and Communications at the London Borough of Newham. He joined the council in 2009 with responsibility for the boroughs GIS systems and turning the existing data store into an observatory that focused more on making information easier to access and use, ‘Telling the Newham Story’.  “The idea was to have a site that could be used by anyone to improve decision-making, support partnership working and better prepare the borough, its partners and stakeholders for the future,” he says.

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