How Procalculo Prosis in Colombia is using data visualisation to help the Bogota Chambers of Commerce improve the business environment in the country’s capital city


Procalculo Prosis is one of Columbia’s leading geographic information solutions (GIS) providers. It was founded in 1968 and its main goal has been to help its clients make strategic decisions based on accurate insight. Its expertise in the use of data visualisation software ensures it can meet its clients’ geographic information needs.

One of Procalculo Prosis’ clients is the Bogota Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce was set up to improve quality of life and the business climate. It helps companies to start up and ensure that the employment opportunities created are sustainable by supporting business growth.

At the same time the Chamber promotes social responsibility and encourages better working relationships between local authorities, employers and citizens.

Getting started

The Chamber wanted to use GIS and data presentation to help it understand and respond to a number of issues. These included: urban land usage, monitoring the construction in infrastructure and high informal business and labour rates.

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