Staffordshire Observatory – Giving local strategic partners data in a customisable format to help them make better commissioning decisions


Staffordshire Observatory provides research and analytical support to Staffordshire Strategic Partnership. Its overall aim is to offer a robust, comprehensive evidence base which informs decision making, commissioning and service delivery, leading to better outcomes for the residents of Staffordshire.

The Observatory has developed a website to provide a one-stop-shop for access to a wide range of data, information and intelligence on Staffordshire and its communities. We spoke to Senior Research and Information Officer Duncan Smith about the Observatory and how it is currently using data visualisation to meet its objectives.

Getting started

Duncan says four years ago they began to consider a data hub that could be used for sharing intelligence between strategic partners. It was felt that the partnership needed a web-based system that would promote evidence-based commissioning decisions and ensure easy access to a shared intelligence.

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