Got a great idea for a new component or improved functionality for InstantAtlas? Feature Request it!

InstantAtlas is packed full of features that enable sophisticated yet user-friendly configurations and presentations of mapped data. However, occasionally we receive questions from our customers about features or functions of InstantAtlas that do not quite meet their specific requirements. It’s in these cases that our customers find themselves in a unique position of power – they can Feature Request!

You might be surprised to know that our software developments often result from Feature Requests by our customers. For example, customers asked for the ability to map indicator values as graduated points over shaded polygons. The new Double Base Layer Map template, released with InstantAtlas Desktop v.6.5.0 and freely available to anyone with the Double Map Time Series template, directly resulted from these Feature Requests.

Another great Feature Request that made it into the latest release is the new Pyramid Chart. This simple, yet powerful graph allows side-by-side, at-a-glance comparisons of population data by age groups or gender. You can see this in action over at the Cornwall Parish/Town Council Population Estimates.

Now you might be wondering how to send us a Feature Request. It’s so simple – just send an email to the Support Team ( detailing what you want. To support your case, it is particularly helpful to send screenshots or images showing how your Feature Request would improve report presentation. In the rare case that we can’t help you achieve your goal with the current version of the software, we will log your email as a Feature Request!

Although we can’t guarantee every feature request will appear in future versions of InstantAtlas, we can promise that we take Feature Requests very seriously. The Development Team goes through every single Feature Request when planning the next version of InstantAtlas, so you can be certain your views will be heard!

We want InstantAtlas to meet your needs and take your data presentations to the next level. So if you want it, Feature Request it!

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