NISRA – Using data presentation to get detailed insight on health and social inequalities to a wide range of users


The Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) is the principal source of official statistics and social research on Northern Ireland’s population and socio-economic conditions. NISRA has developed an information service (Northern Ireland Neighbourhood Information Service) to provide access to statistical and geographical data relating to small areas across Northern Ireland. Information is available across a range of themes including population, social and welfare, agriculture & education.

Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency

Getting started

We spoke to Cathryn McBurney at NISRA to find out how it is using data presentation to get information to the right people in a format that is easy to interpret. Cathryn explains that part of NINIS is dedicated to the ten-year ‘Investing for Health’ strategy which started in 2002. Initially health and well-being indicators were collected and presented mostly within spreadsheets and area profile fact sheets. However, with a wide range of users, and with the increase in the number of years collected for each dataset, it was felt that a new approach should be used and NISRA decided to use InstantAtlas to create a series of interactive maps around each theme.

“Investing for Health is about improving health and reducing inequalities – it is a framework with two major goals and seven objectives covering the broad determinants of health, from obvious health indicators such as access to health care, to the effects of crime and poor education.”

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