6.5.0: A feature-packed new version of InstantAtlas Desktop

Hi! This is the first support team contribution to the InstantAtlas blog and I hope that our posts will provide a useful and perhaps alternative perspective on our products. Supporting InstantAtlas is never dull; the tools are constantly evolving and our customers continue to push boundaries and apply the software in innovative ways to display geo-statistical data.

There are so many topics to blog about but I would like to kick things off with a reminder to download the latest version of InstantAtlas Desktop, which was released Monday 9th April.  The support team invest a great deal of time and effort in each and every release and we feel 6.5.0 is a winner!

This release is feature-packed; it contains a brand new template (the Double Base Layer template), several new components (Pyramid Chart, Google Search, Dot Plot) and a raft of other enhancements (GeoRSS contextual layers, custom point icons, dynamic table columns, etc). You can read more here:


I am confident that version 6.5.0 will allow users to continue to break new ground in the exploration and presentation of their geo-statistical data. Please get hold of the new version and let us know what you think!

Pierre Jenkins, Head of InstantAtlas Support

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