‘How data presentation is helping Connexions get a better understanding of hotspots for youth unemployment and training needs’

Data presentation for Community Indicator Mapping and Reporting


Greater Merseyside Connexions Partnership is an independent information, advice, guidance and support service for all young people aged 13 to 19 who have concerns about education, careers, housing, money, health and relationships. It covers the geographical areas of Wirral, St Helens, Knowsley, Halton, Liverpool and Sefton. Connexions Partnerships were originally set up to provide universal and targeted service and to reduce the numbers of young people not in education, employment and training (Neets).

In Greater Merseyside the Connexions Partnership did have access to an existing GIS system but it wanted all 18 teams across the partnership, especially those dealing with young people face-to-face, to have access to data presented in a visual format so they could see trends and hotspots.

Getting started

Chris Skelton, Research and Data Analyst, Greater Merseyside Connexions Partnership, says the Partnership came across InstantAtlas through one of its partners ESRI UK. “We trialed InstantAtlas and used it to produce a demo which the managers loved so we took it from there,” he says.

The Partnership now uses InstantAtlas to produce its quarterly performance report which currently has four years worth of data. This means it is possible to see very quickly where the areas of need are.

Chris says: “We have found that what the data presentation tells us does not always match what we think a particular area is like – so it has challenged our perceptions.”

Making the project work

The reports are helping Greater Merseyside Connexions Partnership channel its resources to the right places. Each of the 18 operational managers currently uses the reports as do the directors and the reports are often presented at board level.

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