London Fire Brigade | ‘Using data presentation to identify trends and patterns in fire risk across London’


The London Fire Brigade (LFB) is the largest fire and rescue service in the UK employing approximately 7,000 staff of which 5,800 are operational firefighters and officers. It is the third largest firefighting organisation in the world, protecting people and property from fire within the 1587 square kilometres of Greater London. The LFB always responds to fires and other emergencies, but its work has changed over the years with a much stronger emphasis now on fire prevention and community safety.

LFB’s GIS Manager Ray Hooper says that the reporting of incidents by borough was something LFB wanted to present in a visual format. Part of the LFB’s remit is to provide borough level reporting to show how it is reporting across different categories of fire in each area. “One of our senior management saw InstantAtlas at a presentation and realised it would be good to show borough reporting data.”

London Fire Brigade - Dwelling Fire Incident reports

Getting started

Ray Hooper set up the borough reporting using LFB data. He created the reports in such a way that individual users can customize them by adding as many function buttons as they want. He says the drop down menus also make the reports easy to use.

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