InstantAtlas helps Local Government Chronicle present the full extent of local government job cuts

InstantAtlas is being used by Local Government Chronicle (LGC) [link to] to present a visualisation of local government job cuts. LGC says figures indicate that 7.3 per cent of local government posts will be axed in the coming budget year. The magazine, part of EMAP Public Sector, based its analysis on information from almost half of English councils.

The research is unique because it shows for the first time job cuts as a proportion of the workforce, rather than as an absolute number. Further analysis of council type reveals that 9.2 per cent of metropolitan borough council jobs are set to go in 2011-12, followed by 7.1 per cent of London borough staff. The interactive jobs map can be found here:

See Report

Ruth Keeling, reporter, LGC says: “Our online map clearly shows the hotspots for job cuts amongst English councils. InstantAtlas has been invaluable to us in presenting this story and has helped us deliver more interactive content for LGC subscribers.”

Become an LGC subscriber – click here

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