InstantAtlas – making sure the right people see your hard work

Investing time and effort in developing a local information system or community information system might seem like the number one priority but there’s no point putting in the hard work if no-one knows it’s there. In December 2010 there were 255 million websites and 21.4 million were added in 2010 alone. So the valuable insight provided by your LIS/CIS is competing with millions of bytes of content. You might think that search engines will help push you to the top of the pile – especially as local information systems is a relatively niche area.

However, search engines could be working against you by ranking other sites and web pages higher than yours – even though your content may be more relevant to a particular search. The way search engines work is by indexing content with relevant tags that are subsequently picked up in searches. Search engine optimisation (SEO) optimises a web site by making sure that when it is indexed by search engines the right descriptions about the content are picked up. The ultimate aim is to increase relevant traffic and search engine ranking of the website pages.

David Carey, marketing manager, Geowise has helped customers using InstantAtlas to optimise their websites. A good example is the work he has done with Lewisham Strategic Partnership (LSP). Jeff Endean is principal policy officer, Lewisham Borough Council. He says: “Lewisham council has its own website but also hosts the LSP partnership website…

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