Brighton and Hove Local Information Service, United Kingdom

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The Brighton and Hove Local Information Service (BHLIS) provides local strategic partnership (LSP) members, and the public, access to a wide range of national and local statistics and indicators relating to Brighton & Hove at many different geographic levels.

Simon Ewing, Local Information Service Manager, Brighton and Hove City Council, explains that the initial approach was to run everything in-house and the LIS project started out as CityStats – originally driven through the regeneration agenda (neighbourhood renewal). Citystats required a web team to carry out development work in-house and although it was initially cutting edge, things were moving fast and the team realised that it was becoming increasingly cumbersome and expensive.

Around the same time the council managed to get funding via a European Social Fund initiative called EQUAL to develop its LIS.

Starting point

The council began a tender process with the intention to develop a LIS that was more user-friendly, technically more advanced and more cost-effective.

The council was impressed with InstantAtlas from Geowise and in particular the Flash-based mapping function and ability to allow for a devolved/shared administrative structure. In addition, the company was offering a good package in terms of maintenance and hosting and as a result Geowise was chosen to run the LIS.

The LIS was developed and allows users to access data across a range of themes and geographical levels in Brighton & Hove. It allows users to explore and investigate key pre-defined sets of indicators using a combination of interactive maps and charts. It is also possible to create custom tables for the same collections of indicators for download.

Meeting the need

According to Simon awareness levels in the first year were good. “However, there was a gap between what it could initially deliver and what it was expected to deliver straight away. This was compounded by a lack of relevant user skills.”

Simon says the BHLIS team started out with the aim of delivering…

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