New InstantAtlas Report – ‘Access to Services’ (across Leicestershire)

The effective planning, design and delivery of local services requires a clear understanding of current and future service provision along with an understanding of all service user needs.

Varying requirements such as geographical areas, the range of services provided by diffferent organisations and the quantity and diversity of available information means providing a concise reporting method is not easy.

The ‘Access to Services’ interactive tool developed for the Leicester & Leicestershire LIS ( provides a powerful resource that provides:

  • flexibility to select information relevant to a particular service of interest
  • identification of areas with a particular demographic of service user
  • quantifiable distances to key services that are comparable across the county
  • identification of communities dependent on key services
  • identification of communities potentially disadvantaged in the access to a service

The purpose of the tool is to provide an opportunity to compare different geographical locations and demographic groups. It is not intended to provide a comprehensive understanding of access to service issues.

Access to Services in Leicestershire

Website Manager Richard Villiers Palethorpe comments “We saw the Access to Services interactive tool as means to bridging that gap between providing users with large amounts of raw data to wade through or producing a generic written report that may, or may not, answer all users’ questions. The interactive tool provides an interface which allows all users the opportunity to explore the data, specifically to their own needs and location”.

Learn how to use the Interactive Tool with this Video

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