New Place Survey Atlas published by Cambridgeshire County Council

In 2008 Cambridgeshire County Council wanted to find out what people thought of living in the local area and their views on the services provided by the council and other local organisations (such as district councils, the police and the primary care trust).

Throughout Autumn that year it carried out a survey – which also met the UK Government requirement for all local authorities in England and Wales to carry out ‘the Place Survey‘.

A questionnaire was sent out to a random sample from across the county and 5,925 responses were returned. The results helped identify which services citizens felt were doing well and those that needed improvement, as well as the priorities for the services that are being provided.

Hendrik Grothuis, Senior Research Officer says “The Cambridgeshire Atlas shows Place Survey data at a ward level across the county. It includes all 18 of the national indicators measured in the Place Survey. In addition to this two other domains are included that show levels of satisfaction with the council and whether the council provides value for money. All data shown in the atlas are percentages allowing for the figures to be easily compared to the county, regional and national rates. The atlas also displays Output Area Classification (OAC) in the county as contextual geographies that can be added to the map. OAC is a geodemographic tool offering socio-demographic data for local neighbourhoods.


Hendrik Grothuis Senior Research Officer, Cambridgeshire County Council

“The Cambridgeshire Atlas displays six of the seven OAC supergroups and the three groups from the Countryside supergroup. The Countryside group has been segmented because it covers such a large area of Cambridgeshire. Using the groups adds greater distinction to the atlas.”

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