Welcome to the December edition of the InstantAtlas E-Bulletin

In this month’s edition we focus on Community Mapping of Childhood Development in Australia, City Profiling in the Bristol and Child-Well Being Reporting in Cornwall.


  • 1.1 Client Spotlight Australian Early Development Index [AEDI],  Australia. World’s first mapping project covering an entire country with early childhood development data at suburb level
  • 1.2 Client Spotlight: Bristol Council City Profiling Reports
  • 1.3 Client Spotlight: Cornwall Council New Index of Deprivation & Child Well-Being Reports


1.1 AEDI | A Snapshot of Early Childhood Development in Australia

A Snapshot of Early Childhood Development in Australia is the first National Report by the AEDI National Support Centre, which presents a clear picture of the health and development of Australia’s young children.

With the application of InstantAtlas the AEDI provides information about how communities have supported the development of their children before school. Between May and July 2009, the AEDI was completed for 261,203 Australian children in their first year of full-time school from every state and territory.

Megan Harper of AEDI National Support Centre says, “This AEDI project is essentially the world’s first in terms of mapping early childhood development data at suburb level across an entire country. There have been many attempts at state-wide or region-wide mapping of early childhood development indicators, however nothing across an entire country.  It’s an incredible milestone as we actually captured over 98% of ALL of Australia’s 5 year old children in our survey. Therefore the most successful completion rates of any voluntary survey across the Australia.”

Labor Party National Conference

The Australian Deputy Prime Minister (Julia Gillard) unveils the project in Melbourne, as she has a special interest in early childhood development.

The AEDI is a population measure of young children’s development based on a teacher-completed checklist (the AEDI Checklist). The five developmental domains measured are:

  • – Physical health and wellbeing
  • – Social competence
  • – Emotional maturity
  • – Language and cognitive skills (school-based)
  • – Communication skills and general knowledge.Who are the AEDI?
    The AEDI provides information to help us build and strengthen communities for children and Australia.

    Watch AEDI Information Video > Click Here

  • 1.2 Bristol Council | City Profiles

    The Bristol City Council Corporate GIS Support team are using InstantAtlas Server to deliver a Local Information System; http://profiles.bristol.gov.uk/ , which provides a resource for the council and Bristol Partnership to share intelligence, through maps, atlases, statistical reports and dynamic reports about life in Bristol and its neighbourhoods.

    Bristol data profiles aims to improve efficiency and effectiveness by;

    ●     Reducing duplication

    ●     Shifting the focus from collecting data to analysing it

    ●     Reducing requests for ad-hoc data

    ●     Creating a shared understanding of what intelligence is available leading to improved partnership working

    ●     Developing better needs assessments

    ●     Broadening the range of data users

    ●     Providing information to inform the steps of the policy design and delivery process

    ●     Creating a catalyst for a more analytical and focused culture for regeneration activities

    A number of exciting new developments are taking place with a number of new profiles and dynamic reports being added.  Current profiles include, Quality of Life, Population, Crime, Census, Education and Health.

    Some examples of their work area as follows;





    1.3 Cornwall Council | Index of Deprivation & Child Well-Being Reports

    New InstantAtlas reports have been created by the Cornwall Community Intelligence team to provide insight and key facts about the City. They include research which draws on a range of statistics to provide information about the people of Cornwall and their social, environmental and economic circumstances.

    “Cornwall Council Community Intelligence Team are using Instant Atlas to allow users on their website to explore the Index of Multiple Deprivation 2007 and the Local Index of Child Wellbeing 2009.  The maps also allow users to access the print-friendly area profiles for neighbourhoods (lower layer super output areas).” says Abi Messenger, Community Intelligence Team.

    To see the new reports please select below

    Index of Multiple Deprivation 2007 | Local Index of Child Wellbeing 2009

    A festive message from all at Geowise

    The holiday season is now well upon us and the year is nearly ended.  As this is the last InstantAtlas e-bulletin of the 2009 we thought we would give you a little light hearted background information on our country Scotland.

    Geowise is located in Edinburgh and this year the country has been celebrating the 250th anniversary of the poet Robert Burns. It may be the case that you may have never heard of Robert Burns but if you have stood at New Year, linked arms with friends and family and sang “Auld Langs Syne…” then you have been touched by the Bard without knowing it.

    We have included below a scene for you of the City of Edinburgh at Christmas which is the home of InstantAtlas, why not click the wheel to see if its snowing today. We have also included a Robert Burns Poem “The Winter” to leave you tounge-tied.

    The Winter

    When biting Boreas, fell and doure,
    Sharp shivers thro’ the leafless bow’r;
    When Phœbus gies a short-liv’d glow’r,
    Far south the lift,
    Dim-dark’ning thro’ the flaky show’r,
    Or whirling drift:

    Ae night the storm the steeples rocked,
    Poor Labour sweet in sleep was locked,
    While burns, wi’ snawy wreeths upchoked,
    Wild-eddying swirl,
    Or thro’ the mining outlet bocked,
    Down headlong hurl.

    List’ning, the doors an’ winnocks rattle,
    I thought me on the ourie cattle,
    Or silly sheep, wha bide this brattle
    O’ winter war,
    And thro’ the drift, deep-lairing, sprattle,
    Beneath a scar.
    Ilk happing bird, wee, helpless thing!

    That, in the merry months o’spring,
    Delighted me to hear thee sing,
    What comes o’ thee?

    Whare wilt thou cow’r thy chittering wing
    An’ close thy e’e?

    Ev’n you on murd’ring errands toil’d,
    Lone from your savage homes exil’d,

    The blood-stain’d roost, and sheep-cote spoil’d
    My heart forgets,
    While pityless the tempest wild
    Sore on you beats.

    2009 is the 250th anniversary of  the birth of  Robert Burns

    Link to Robert Burns – Wikipedia

    Homecoming Scotland 2009 – Link

    New Blogs available

    Geowise are always looking at ways to let you get the most out of Instantatlas product news and information.  So today we are announcing two new blog sites for our international users. You can now view InstantAtlas news in German and Spanish at the following links  – German Blog & Spanish Blog

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