Welcome to the October Edition of the InstantAtlas New Bulletin

Welcome to the latest InstantAtlas News.  In this month’s edition we cover the following:-


  • Client Spotlight 1: Jacksonville Community Council Inc. (US) – Community Snapshot Project
  • Client Spotlight 2: Remote Codex (Brazil) – InstantAtlas reports for The Rio Grande Institute of Rice
  • Client Spotlight 3: Nottingham City Council (UK) – Tracking Neighbourhood Change in Nottingham
  • Client Spotlight 4: Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion (UK) – Local Economic Monitor


  1. New Solutions page: Reporting and Mapping Election Results – InstantAtlas for the creation of live results and socio-political reports and atlases that offer rich visual analysis
  2. New Solutions page: Reporting Survey Results – Addressing the challenge of presenting survey statistics intuitively to large audiences
  3. New demo: Geodemographics – Demonstration of the freely available OAC (Output Area Classification) dataset for school locations across Nottingham, UK
  4. New demo: Deprivation – The optimum way to present the UK Index of Multiple Deprivation? A new demo for London Borough of Newham based on the new Area Profile Template
  5. Updated UK Local Government Examples page – see what others are doing in the UK at a local level, review best practice, re-use ideas and share configuration and metadata files
  6. New UK InstantAtlas Local Information Systems (LIS) Workshops announced for Feb 2010
  7. New UK LIS Data & Report Packs page – example reports now available


  • InstantAtlas Desktop 6.2 – How to use the NEW Bubble Plot Template
  • InstantAtlas Server 6.2 coming soon – key new enhancements



1. Jacksonville Community Council Inc. (USA)


Community Snapshot presents over 100 indicators in nine themes including Education, Economy, Natural Environment, Social Environment, Arts and Culture, Health, Government, Transportation, and Public Safety. These indicators provide a roadmap for the community in Northeast Florida.

This interactive InstantAtlas report prepared by JCCI presents the most current data together with historical trends, and will help define critical areas demanding community attention.

(click icon to visit site) facebook_logo

2. Codex Remote (Brazil)

New InstantAtlas reports for the Instituto Rio Grandense do Arroz

Click on the image to view this InstantAtlas Sample
(Produced using InstantAtlas Desktop 5)

This new InstantAtlas report was created for the Instituto Rio Grandense do Arroz in by Codex Remote [Porto Alegre-RS, Brasil].  It includes a rich selection of statistics with time-series graph, bar chart and a map with multiple layers of information.  This report provides the client with up to date information on the rice harvests, prices and factors affecting yields.

3. Tracking Neighbourhood Change in Nottingham

Nottingham_Tracking_ChangeA project has recently been undertaken by Nottingham City Council to support a requirement to evaluate and monitor regeneration activities within the City. The main objective of this project was to develop a tool to evidence social, economic and environmental change over time in relation to investment, providing a holistic approach to regeneration and enabling the monitoring of outcomes at a local level.  This is in line with current UK local initiatives around Total Place and Strategic Commissioning.  A management dashboard style interface was built based on the Profiles Module of InstantAtlas Server to present a wide range of relevant information for tracking change at a neighbourhood scale.  More information will be published about this application in next month’s eBulletin.  If you’d like to know more please contact us.  There is additional information about mapping spend patterns on our Local Government Examples page.

4. Local Economic Monitor


For those of you yet to discover it, OCSI have developed a free online resource, the Local Economic Monitor, (http://www.local-economic-monitor.org) allowing you to monitor key economic indicators down to district level across England.  We have been asked recently by a number of people “are OCSI maintaining this as new data is published?”.  The answer is “Yes”, they are keeping it up-to-date as new data becomes available.  Read their latest news on data updates.

Latest News – green shoots emerging?


1. Mapping and Reporting Election Results

InstantAtlas dynamic reports are ideal for presenting “live on-the-night” election results reports online.  They are also being used for delivering more analytical political and social atlases to analyse and predict voting behaviour. The key feature of the product is its ability to create reports and maps at any geographic scale or coverage.  This allows local, regional, national or international organisations to deliver richly interactive outputs.

For those in the UK, County and European elections are planned for early June and there’s the small matter of a national election around that time too – see http://www.aboutmyvote.co.uk/ for details.

For more on using InstantAtlas for reporting election results click here

111th Congressional Election Results, 2008

The US Congressional Election atlas demo shows the results of the House of Representatives race of the 111th Congressional Elections, which occurred simultaneously with the 2008 Presidential Election (Obama v McCain). The interactive report displays the winning political party and elected Representative for each Congressional District. You can filter results rapidly for specific States, Census Divisions and Census Regions.

InstantAtlas Template: Single Map

Bremen 2009 Election Atlas


The Bremen Election Atlas shows the results of the recent elections to the German Bundestag in the districts of the City of Bremen. The interactive application allows comparisons with the previous elections and also links to selected socio-demographic indicators. – See Report in German – or English

2. Reporting and Mapping Survey Results

InstantAtlas directly addresses the challenge of presenting survey results in a way that allows any number of web site users to explore them intuitively. It is an ideal internal and external reporting solution where users need the flexibility to explore the results interactively themselves and the ability to understand the geographic breakdown of the results.

We have provided some recent Survey Reporting examples below from the US and UK. They use a number of different InstantAtlas Templates.

Click on the screenshot images to load the examples.

For more information on Survey Reporting with InstantAtlas – click here

Place Survey Report to compare the West Midlands region as a whole to other English regions

The West Midlands Regional Observatory, in its role as source of regional facts and figures, created a place survey atlas for West Midlands councils, to co-ordinate place survey data for the region.  The interactive features of the atlas let councils choose data that is useful to them, and identifies local priorities.  Hosting the atlas on their website ensures that the atlas is accessible to a range of regional partners.

InstantAtlas Template: Area Profile

Bournemouth Council, UK  – Local Place Survey report 2008

This report has been created by Bournemouth District Council to allow users to explore the results of the 2008 Place Survey at Ward level.

InstantAtlas Template: Area Profile

3. New report on Geodemographics


A number of customers have expressed interest in exploring the potential of the freely available Output Area Classification (OAC) created by ONS and the University of Leeds.  We developed this OAC demo for Nottingham at Output Area level based on our Single Map template.  It presents the locations of all schools across the city in relation to standard OAC groupings.  It incorporates extensive metadata, notes and photos (available from the University of Sheffield OAC site).  The map shading scheme follows guidelines used by others for presenting OAC Supergroups and Groups.  Filters are also available to subset the area by Ward.

If you are an InstantAtlas customer and would like to re-use any of the metadata and configuration files developed for this OAC demo please contact our Support Team (support@geowise.co.uk) and we can send you the full report – this could save you a significant amount of time.

Newham_Lonond_OACS_Atlas4. Presenting the Index of Multiple Deprivation

We have developed this IMD report for the London Borough of Newham using the Area Profile Template.  It presents the IMD 2007 as a local and national rank and includes the main sub-domains allowing users to view a ‘deprivation profile’ for any of the 159 Lower Super Output Areas in Newham.  Filters are available for those LSOAs classified as most deprived 5%, 10%, 15% and 20%.  The default map classification and shading of graphic elements are all consistent.  Branding applied to the atlas is in line with the corporate style of www.newham.gov.uk.

If you are an InstantAtlas customer and would like to re-use any of the metadata and configuration files developed for this IMD report please contact our Support Team (support@geowise.co.uk) and we can send you the full report – this could save you a significant amount of time.

5. Local Government Examples page

We have fully revised our existing set of local government examples to demonstrate that InstantAtlas is a multi-purpose tool that can be used for a wide range of purposes.

We hope to inspire customers with new ideas and highlight new business areas where InstantAtlas can add value.  We also want to use this space to present best practice in the application of data visualization principles which others can apply.  If you have suggestions for us to include, please send them to support@geowise.co.uk.

6. New LIS Workshops – February 2010

In response to the results of a recent customer survey, we will be running two one day UK LIS workshops in February 2010, a ‘North’ event and a ‘South’ event.

They will offer a mix of presentation and discussion style sessions.  The programme will include examples of leading LIS applications that review lessons learnt and also future challenges.  Tom Smith, director of OCSI, will chair a discussion around data issues and application to areas like performance frameworks and strategic assessments. GeoWise staff will present ideas on good practice and the future direction of InstantAtlas technology.  We hope the workshops will provide a stimulating environment for existing customers and those interested in LIS applications to share their experiences and help guide the future development of LIS applications.

7. LIS Data and Report Packs


In partnership with OCSI we have developed a set of LIS Data and Report Packs to support public agencies manage and deliver their Local Information Systems and Data Observatories more effectively. The Data and Report packs provide:

  • Consistent, nationally published sets of themed indicator data compiled at the lowest geography available, including time series to the most recently available data.
  • Data can be provided for customer-defined areas with a range of suitable comparators.
  • High quality reports (Profiles and Data Views), that can optionally be loaded into customer systems – view an example summary profile report which is supported as one of the outputs in the Core Starter Pack.
  • Including detailed, searchable metadata provided by the data suppliers and enhanced by us.
  • A refresh service at appropriate intervals to keep this data up-to-date.

We have now created a dedicated LIS Pack page providing further information and examples of the reports – click here


1. New InstantAtlas Bubbleplot Template – Available in IA 6.2

The bubble plot template combines a single map with a bubble plot for multidimensional data reporting. The bubble plot can display data for up to four variables simultaneously using a combination of bubble position, size and colour. The configurations available for this template are adapted for different data presentations styles and levels of expertise. These include using the bubble plot as a normal scatterplot or a funnel plot.

The New Bubble Plot Template can be published with 4 different configurations depending on the data you wish to present.
The options are as follows:-

(1) Scatterplot
(2) Funnelplot
(3) Bubble – Simple
(4) Bubble – Advanced


Find out more about the Bubble Plot Template.

2. What is New in InstantAtlas Server 6.2

Key enhancements that have been added to the forthcoming release of InstantAtlas Server 6.2 include:

  • Ability to link (via URLs) directly to specific Profiles and Data Views
  • Support for widget fragments and complete profile fragments to allow you to embed these in other web pages (including 3rd party applications)
  • New scatterplot widget for profile reports
  • Stacked bar chart functionality in charts for profile reports
  • Full support for OCSI Data & Report Packs (including refreshes)
  • Overall improvements in performance for handling large datasets and error handling


This month’s Bulletin in PDF Format

Get to know InstantAtlas Server better with the recent release of two new videos  covering two IA Server core modules; the Data Views module and the Profiles module.

NEW_IA_Server_Videos_BannerData Views Module

Data Views are logical groups of indicators defined by administrators that are delivered as a collection to address the needs and tasks of specific users. They are organised into Themes and can be viewed as InstantAtlas dynamic reports or tables. The Data Views module adds a wizard to the Administration Console for designing and building Data Views and for managing the InstantAtlas dynamic reports that are used to view them. – Watch the Video

Profiles Module

Area Profiles are a widely used and highly effective way of delivering a report containing a mix of appropriate information relating to a specific area or number of areas. The Profiles module adds functionality to the Administration Console for administrators to design and build profiles. – Watch the Video


How to use InstantAtlas for reporting on Infectious Diseases by John Bartholomew



United Kingdom

Government Office East Midlands
Wirral PCT
Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust
Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion
Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy
East Sussex County Council
Manchester Joint Health Unit


Planet – the Partnerships Network -Irl


Auckland Regional Council -NZ


Alberta Health and Wellness, Govt. of Alberta


Bayerisches Landesamt für Gesundheit und Lebensmittelsicherheit

Die Senatorin für Arbeit, Frauen, Gesundheit, Jugend und Soziales – Bremen


Instituto de Nutrición de Centro América y Panamá


Ministerio De Salud, Panama City


Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center

Alaska Department of Health and Social Services

Missouri Cancer Registry, Univ. of Missouri-Columbia

Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, Inc.

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