Performance dashboards for local authorities (England)

Some months back we put together a UK report focusing on the performance of upper tier English local authorities – this was based on independent reviews called Comprehensive Performance Assessments (or CPA) undertaken by the Audit Commission.

We liked it because we felt it added value over the way that the Audit Commission currently publish these results.  It is quick and easy to review performance of all those authorities in your region or those that have similar statistical characteristics – a process known in the trade as ‘comparative benchmarking’.  The filter I like is based on the ONS area classification of authorities (even though this was done in 2001) – so, for example, you can compare performance across all authorities classified as ‘Prospering Smaller Towns’, compare latest scores and review changes over time.

We ran out of time to create an equivalent report for the District level of authorities – however we’ve just filled this gap. There is now a new ‘performance dashboard’ showing the top level classification for all Districts.  The scoring system used by Audit Commission is different for Districts – see their pages about this.  Effectively each authority is graded into 5 categories – Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, Weak (in this order).  Not all Districts have data available for them so there are gaps.  Given the classification system is different, this report only includes lower tier Districts, not any other type of authority – another reason why areas are not contiguous.

Click on the screenshots below to open these reports (we’ve deliberately styled them slightly differently to show you the flexibility of the software):

Performance report: CPA Results for Districts (England)

Performance report: CPA Results for Districts (England)

Performance dashboard CPA results upper tier authorities (England)

We’ve done some QA checks on our reports so hopefully it is a true representation of the data released by the Audit Commission – if you’re using the reports for ‘live’ strategic or operational purposes we’d strongly recommend you check back.

As you may know if you got this far, CPA assessments are now a thing of the past – it has been replaced by CAA or Comprehensive Area Assessments.  These will have an ‘all new’ scoring system based on green flags and red flags – making temporal comparisons with past CPA results practically impossible.  It will be some months before results filter through – watch this space!

If you are interested in this area do have a look at our national Place Survey 2008 Reports – there’s a blog post about these below or go stright to our Place Survey page.

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