InstantAtlas – Monthly News | September 09

Welcome to the latest InstantAtlas News, in this month’s edition we cover the following topics :-

  • Client Spotlight 1: New national Place Survey report for Leicestershire County Council
  • Client Spotlight 2: Hamburg, Germany – new elections results report
  • Client Spotlight 3: National Institute for Health and Welfare THL Finland
  • Profile your areas with InstantAtlas – background and examples of Area Profiling
  • InstantAtlas Server 6.0 Video Overview
  • Cancer Statistics Mapping and Reporting with InstantAtlas
  • Forthcoming InstantAtlas Training Courses
  • New to Wikipedia – InstantAtlas and ‘Local Information Systems’
  • Where to see InstantAtlas

New national Place Survey Results reports for Leicestershire

A new set of national reports (for England) have just been launched to deliver the recently published Place Survey results – they are available from  The interactive reports were created with InstantAtlas Desktop version 6.1.

LSR Place Survey

LSR Place Survey

The project was commissioned by Leicestershire County Council and published through their Leicestershire Statistics & Research Online service to make these survey results widely available across their internal partnership of organisations.

The reports make best use of the new InstantAtlas Version 6 features including:

(1)    Dynamic filtering based on any selected set.

(2)    New geographic filters have been added including statistical nearest neighbours (to subset the top 10 authorities that are most statistically alike – this is ideal for benchmarking purposes).

(3)    Use of symbols (and compatible  map classification) to allocate authorities into 5 categories (quintiles) allowing users to quickly review ‘problem areas’.

(4)    Ability to present multiple selected areas in the profile chart to aid comparison.

(5)    Ability to show multiple comparator areas in the profile chart – in this case the respective Government Region and the England average.

(6)    Usability improvements allowing users to re-size any window and open/close other windows over the top of existing ones.

(7)    Improved report load time for reports based on larger datasets.

To find out more about the Place Survey and see other reports go to our dedicated InstantAtlas Place Survey page.

New election results report for Hamburg, Germany

Statistikamt Nord is the statistics agency for the states of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein and provides central statistical services.  They have been using InstantAtlas for the last two years to publish geographic breakdowns of their statistics online.

They have recently launched a new Election Results atlas for the districts of Hamburg which provide a comprehensive picture of voting behaviours for multiple political parties across the city.  The report presents the results of multiple elections from 2004.

Hamburg Election Results

Hamburg Election Results

InstantAtlas is ideal as an Election Results tool and has been used for this purpose by many public organisations.  One of the nice features of this report, new to InstantAtlas v.6, is the ability to control the style of presentation depending on the indicator selected.  So when the user selects the proportion of votes for different parties, the colours of the graphic elements change to reflect the political party colour.  Administrators that develop the reports now have the ability to control how best to present an indicator by default.  This means that tools allowing users to change the presentation style like the Legend button can, where appropriate, be removed thereby simplifying the interface.

The ability to configure the presentation of outputs on an indicator-by-indicator basis is ideal in situations where you want to tightly control how your data is presented to end-users.  This may well be the case, for example, where you are designing public facing reports aimed at citizen users.

Regional health statistics – National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) Finland

The  National Public Health Institute of Finland recently published new reports using the New InstantAtlas V6 Templates

Timo Koskela (Department of Health and Functional Capacity) recently said, “The important purpose of this report is to give each of the Finnish regions a comprehensive overview of their health status and health determinants and see how they compare to other regions. Most of the data is presented by sex and socio-economic group.  Themes covered include mortality, potential years of life lost and life expectancy.  Health risk behaviours such as prevalence of smoking, obesity, lack of exercise and poor nutritional habits are covered.  One section deals with the incidence of key diseases including cardiovascular and stroke data.

View Recent Published Reports | Single Map | Area Profile (without Map)

Area Profiling with InstantAtlas

The production of area profile reports, a process known as ‘area profiling’, is widespread in both public and private sectors to address the need of users to understand the character of a specific area or set of areas. Area Profiles bring together relevant information and data about an area of interest and present it in a structured report comprising a mix of text, maps, charts and tables. The profiled area is often contrasted with geographic or statistical neighbours. In North America the outputs of this process tend to be referred to as ‘State Profiles’, ‘City profiles’, ‘County Profiles’, ‘Community Profiles’ or ‘Neighborhood Profiles’. The processes involved and the type of outputs share many commonalities.

InstantAtlas Area Profile Example –  Community Health Profiles England

Find out more about Area Profiling and see examples of InstantAtlas Area Profile Reports

What is InstantAtlas Server? | A Product Overview

InstantAtlas Server delivers a complete database-driven, web-based reporting solution for statistical and performance related indicators linked to geographic areas or geographically distributed resources (eg. hospitals or companies).  It is being used to support Data Observatories, Local Information Systems, Community Information Systems, and a range of area-based profiling and reporting solutions.

IA Server supports ‘live’ data delivery into InstantAtlas dynamic reports.  It provides a rich set of web-based administration tools allowing content to be managed by a central team or federated to multiple teams across an organisation and its partners.  It’s modular structure means you can tailor a solution to your needs, at a price you can afford and then add additional functionality as your needs evolve.

Find out more about InstantAtlas Server

  • Watch the video overview presentation below [For more InstantAtlas Videos – Click Here]
  • Download the IA Server Overview
  • New Features of InstantAtlas Server 6 – Click here

Cancer Statistics Mapping and Reporting with InstantAtlas

InstantAtlas is now well-adopted by cancer registries in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. It is ideal for presenting incidence and mortality data and trends in a spatial context to internal and external audiences.
With the inclusion of interactive charts, graphs, table and map together in a single view, InstantAtlas displays are particularly suited to presenting cancer statistics. The dangers of misinterpretation of clusters common to a lot of cancer mapping can be minimized because both graphs and confidence error bars qualify the visual impressions given in the map view.

Cancer data in the public domain is a sensitive theme. A strong feature of InstantAtlas Designer is the ease with which the author of the reports can adapt the layout, content and annotations easily to suit the intended audience.

We have included some recent examples below, some of which are live operational applications, others are demonstration samples to show the power and flexibility of InstantAtlas. Click on the images below to view the reports.

Example One | Combining USA Cancer Incidence Data with BRFSS Risk Behavior Data

Report Purpose:  Provides a double map view of data. Using an Excel spreadsheet, simply combining data from an existing behavioral risk behavior report with CDC/NCI incidence data can make powerful statements. In this first view (click on image) state smoking prevalence and incidence of renal cancer are compared.

Report Purpose: Provides a double map view of data. Using an Excel spreadsheet, simply combining data from an existing behavioral risk behavior report with CDC/NCI incidence data can make powerful statements. In this first view (click on image) state smoking prevalence and incidence of renal cancer are compared.

Report Purpose: The Institute for Cancer Epidemiology in Lübeck is the first German Cancer Registry to implement InstantAtas. This reports incidence and mortality rates for major cancer sites over a five-year period for Schleswig-Holstein.

InstantAtlas Classroom Training Courses

Why not take advantage of our special offer this Autumn and come along to one of our classroom training courses. This offer applies to two of our courses
based on classroom attendance at our Edinburgh office. – For International customers who wish to attend a virtual training class please contact international sales for details.

Choose from the following options

InstantAtlas Desktop Foundation Course

This course is for users with no previous (or limited) experience of InstantAtlas Desktop Edition, or somebody who having used the product wishes to refresh their knowledge.

InstantAtlas Desktop Advanced Course

This course is for users who are already competent in the use of InstantAtlas and wish to address advanced features of the product. If you have taken the InstantAtlas Introductory Training Course you will have the knowledge required to attend this course.

Dates for the next Two Day Course

September – Monday 28th & Tuesday 29th

Location – GeoWise Edinburgh Office

Can’t make these dates? – See our online Calendar for alternative dates and book today

InstantAtlas on Wikipedia

Instantatlas now has its own dedicated Wikipedia page at . You’ll see a new dedicated section for Example sites.  Please add your own favourite examples to this page.

For those customers involved in projects with Local Information Systems (LIS) and Data Observatories, we have initiated a new page on Wikipedia dedicated to this area – see Please refine the content of this page.

Where to see InstantAtlas this Autumn

North America – ESRI Health GIS Conference, Sept. 21-23, Nashville TN – Booth 103

Link to Site –

North America – Community Indicators Consortium 2009 International Conference, Oct. 1st-2nd, Meydenbauer Center, 11100 NE 6th Street , Bellevue, WA

“Community Indicators as Tools for Social Change”

Link to Site –

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