New election results report for Hamburg, Germany

Statistikamt Nord is the statistics agency for the states of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein and provides central statistical services.  They have been using InstantAtlas for the last two years to publish geographic breakdowns of their statistics online.

They have recently launched a new Election Results atlas for the districts of Hamburg which provide a comprehensive picture of voting behaviours for multiple political parties across the city.  The report presents the results of multiple elections from 2004.

Hamburg Election Results

Hamburg Election Results

InstantAtlas is ideal as an Election Results tool and has been used for this purpose by many public organisations.  One of the nice features of this report, new to InstantAtlas v.6, is the ability to control the style of presentation depending on the indicator selected.  So when the user selects the proportion of votes for different parties, the colours of the graphic elements change to reflect the political party colour.  Administrators that develop the reports now have the ability to control how best to present an indicator by default.  This means that tools allowing users to change the presentation style like the Legend button can, where appropriate, be removed thereby simplifying the interface.

The ability to configure the presentation of outputs on an indicator-by-indicator basis is ideal in situations where you want to tightly control how your data is presented to end-users.  This may well be the case, for example, where you are designing public facing reports aimed at citizen users.

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