New Place Survey Results reports for England

A new set of national reports (for England) have just been launched to deliver the recently published Place Survey results – they are available from  The interactive reports were created with InstantAtlas Desktop version 6.1.

LSR Place Survey

LSR Place Survey

The project was commissioned by Leicestershire County Council and published using their Leicestershire Statistics & Research Online service to make these survey results widely available across their internal partnership of organisations.

These reports were built by the InstantAtlas Support Team.

The reports make best use of the new InstantAtlas Version 6 features including:

(1)    Dynamic filtering based on any selected set.

(2)    New geographic filters have been added including statistical nearest neighbours (to subset the top 10 authorities that are most statistically alike – this is ideal for benchmarking purposes).

(3)    Use of symbols (and compatible  map classification) to allocate authorities into 5 categories (quintiles) allowing users to quickly review ‘problem areas’.

(4)    Ability to present multiple selected areas in the profile chart to aid comparison.

(5)    Ability to show multiple comparator areas in the profile chart – in this case the respective Government Region and the England average.

(6)    Usability improvements allowing users to re-size any window and open/close other windows over the top of existing ones.

(7)    Improved report load time for reports based on larger datasets.

To find out more about the Place Survey and see other reports go to our dedicated InstantAtlas Place Survey page.

2 thoughts on “New Place Survey Results reports for England

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