New InstantAtlas V6 Template Videos are now published

InstantAtlas Free Tutorial Videos are proving to be very popular with our users and with the recent release of InstantAtlas Desktop 6 we have created 3 new ones to the “How to …” range.

The following template videos have been added to our growing library, which we hope you will find them to be a great resource for creating your InstantAtlas Reports.

Templates covered include: –

V6 Double Map Template
The Double Map template combines two maps, a table and a scatterplot for data display. It is ideally suited to side by side thematic mapping of two different indicators and exploring the degree of correlation.

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V6 Double Map  Time Series Template

The Double Map Time Series template combines two maps with their own dedicated tables, bar charts and time series charts. The spatial data for each map can be different and it is therefore possible to thematically map the same, or different, indicator data for two different geographies. This template can also be used to compare different time series indicator data over the same geographies.

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V6 Area Profile Template

The Area Profile template combines a single map, table, spine chart and bar chart for data display. Indicators in the spine chart are arranged vertically in a scrollable list. This chart enables at a glance analysis across a range of indicators for a selected area. It makes the comparison of profiles for different areas quick and easy.

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