InstantAtlas for Statistical Reporting across UK Government

InstantAtlas is being used widely across Government at all levels – international, national regional and local.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown recently described the reform of public services being underpinned by ‘an information revolution’ (foreword from Working Together – Public Services on Your Side, UK Cabinet Office, March 2009). “..government has been too slow to make use of the enormous democratising power of information. When we give people knowledge about their public services, we give them power to shape and even transform them.” This paper follows an independent Power of Information Task Force that published an internationally recognised report in February 2009 on the value of opening up the information environment.

On the InsantAtlas website there are  examples of organisations at all levels of government that are making area-based statistical information widely available in an exciting and easily digestible form. They include solutions based on the desktop version of the InstantAtlas product and the enterprise server version. The examples are ordered starting with ‘local’ followed by ‘regional’ followed by ‘national’ solutions. They cover most major statistical domains – Population, Education, Crime, Economy, Health, Housing and Deprivation. They include examples of statistical reporting, performance monitoring and area profiling. There are more examples from around the world on the showcase section of the InstantAtlas web site.

Visit the InstantAtlas for Statistical Reporting across UK Government

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